1. Affordable

• Low Membership Fee • No Annual Dues 
• No Application Fee • No Room Fees

2. Flexible policies

• No silly, restrictive rules.
• Visit other chapters for free.

3. No Pressure

• Check us out! You can visit up to 3 times before you make a decision to join.

4. Virtual and in-person meetings

• Check out our chapter page to see our meeting schedules

Joining a Referral Xchange Networking chapter is a great way to grow your business while engaging with and supporting other small businesses and entrepreneurs. If we don't have a chapter near you, or one that meets your needs, starting a new chapter could be just the ticket.
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Jacob Marley spent eternity dragging the baggage of chains and money boxes he accumulated throughout his life, which prohibited him from ever moving on. As we take up the mantle of 2022, we should leave behind the baggage we collected in 2021. www.youtube.com/watch?v=gGl1TV80Rcw ... See MoreSee Less
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Great job Smithfield!! Our Veterans thank you!! ... See MoreSee Less
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With the ready availability of google, and the all-invasiveness of social media, we too often fail to use our brains to figure things out or form our own opinions. We let others do it for. Others that may have an agenda we don't know about or agree with. By letting others do our thinking for us, we lose our distinctiveness and become just a watermark on a page. youtu.be/q0GSG9ugJxE ... See MoreSee Less
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